Monday, February 8, 2021

Hot Cocoa Bombs and Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Boards For the Cold Winter Months


Hot cocoa bombs have taken over TikTok. If you want to make hot cocoa bombs yourself you will need a key piece of equipment: a mold.

There are several variations, but, for the most part, they all follow the same basic recipe steps:

1. Make the chocolate shells with melted/tempered chocolate and some sort of half-sphere candy mold. Allow the shells to harden completely before peeling them out.
2. Fill one half of the sphere with hot cocoa (either powdered mix or chocolate shavings).
3. Add the extras: a spoonful of mini marshmallows, candy cane bits, sprinkles, or whatever else you want to use to add more flavors.
4. Place the other half of the sphere on top, and then seal it with more melted chocolate.

Once the bombs are constructed, they’re ready to use. Just like the premade versions, all you have to do is heat up some milk. When you gently pour it over the sphere, the chocolate will melt and create a cup of hot cocoa with your mix-ins.

Hot chocolate charcuterie boards are popping up all over Instagram. Rather than cheese, meat, and fruit, these charcuterie boards are filled with all the necessities for a tasty mug of hot cocoa. Whether you top it with whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, or candy cane pieces, these creative cocoa creations will help you celebrate the cold winter months. You can also include cookies, crackers, and candies to dip in your mug of chocolate.

Check out the new Virginia Diner Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, a hot chocolate for the serious chocolate lover! Made with sugar, cocoa powder, milk, nonfat dry milk and creamer. We have included 

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