Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Virginia Peanuts and Beer

Lightly Salted Virginia Peanuts
Virginia Peanuts and Beer are Good for you to Re-hydrate

Beer and peanuts, like you need an excuse to eat the two. Now you have a good one. We found this article about it by Abe Hawkins in the Daily Mail published April 22, 2017. Here are the highlights:
Scientists suggest drinking beer and eating peanuts are better than re-hydration for exhausted runners.

Experts say the classic pub combination can be better than water or sport drinks.
Research which was unveiled at the European Beer and Health Symposium in Brussels, Belgium
advises them to drink alcohol after the race.
Virginia Peanuts
During long runs, the human body can potentially lose up to three litres of fluid every hour. Essential salts that the body requires - including potassium and sodium are lost.   Nuts are rich in potassium and weak beer - such as lager - contains vitamins and carbohydrates which will restore energy following the race. 
Professor Ronald Maughan, a sports exercise expert at the University of St. Andrews, told the newspaper that drinking water on its own will not restore mineral levels. So the next time you go on that jog or run or marathon or have a day in the sun, grab some beer (preferably a local one from Virginia) and some Virginia peanuts!