Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Temptations From The Smithfield Marketplace Fall 2014

Here are some of the new mouthwatering offerings we now have available:

Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham and Mini Cajun Turkey Breast - The perfect combination for smaller families or smaller appetites. Our boneless Honey Glazed Spiral Sliced Ham 3 - 4 lbs., and our NEW lightly smoked Boneless Turkey Breast with Cajun style rub and marinade 2 lb. avg. - sweet and spicy! Fully cooked, just heat and serve.

The Southern Table - A real palate-pleasing gift, we've combined some of our bestsellers for a genuine southern food experience. Includes: Boneless Smoked Turkey Breast 3-4 lbs, Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham, 3-4 lbs., tangy mustard-based Dunkin' Sauce (sandwich spread or dipping sauce), 2-year Aged White Cheddar Cheese 7.5 oz. and Braswell's Red Pepper Jelly, 10.5 oz. Gift boxed.

Cajun Seasoned Mini Turkey Breast - Get ready for big taste on this zesty mini-sized turkey breast! Lightly smoked and generously seasoned with a cajun style marinade and rub, this gem is tender and juicy...and full of bold flavor - hot or cold. Fully cooked and ready to heat. 1.75-2.25 lbs. Serves 6-8.

Charles Henry Gray Genuine Smithfield Ham Gourmet Slices - The finest Genuine Smithfield Ham is seasoned with Charles Henry Gray's secret family recipe. Sliced paper thin, it is a delectable addition to antipasto platters, buffets or tucked into petite party rolls. Conveniently packaged in four 8 oz. packages so you can freeze some for company. Serves 8-16

Country Bacon Sampler- This old-fashioned country smoked bacon has been made the same way for years. Every slab is hand rubbed with our dry cure ingredients, then slow smoked for an unforgettable flavor that has been loved for generations. Remember our country bacon is salt cured and will be salty in nature. Sliced for your ease of preparation! Enjoy 14 oz. each of hickory smoked, applewood smoked and maple smoked bacon. Serves 20-48.

Deep Fried Whole Cajun Turkey - Did you know that frying turkeys first became popular in the south and that today deep fried turkeys are a taste sensation nationwide? If it's too much work or perhaps you're nervous about trying to make at home, we've done all the work for you. Injected with Cajun seasonings, our fully roasted and deep fried whole turkey is so juicy and tender, you may never eat turkey any other way again. 10-12 lbs. Serves 12-18.