Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Peanuts for the Fall

Hot Habanero Chili Pepper Nuts
It may be autumn and the weather may be getting colder, but our new peanuts are getting hotter.

 Hot Habanero Chile Pepper Nuts are super extra-large Virginia Peanuts, hand cooked and  covered with "hotter than hell" seasonings.
Hot Wasabi Spiced Nuts are Super extra-large hand cooked Virginia Peanuts seasoned with the tangy flavors of hot Japanese Horseradish.
 Thai Fried Chili Lime Peanuts are seasoned with all the signature flavors of Thai cuisine, Chili peppers, lime, coconut milk, and spices. Let your taste buds travel!
Spicy Mole Peanuts have an intriguing flavor reminiscent of Old Mexico City. Crispy Virginia Peanuts are coated with pure honey, then dusted with cocoa and spiced with smoked habanero seasonings.

Even some sweet peanuts are getting hotter.
Chipotle Peanut Crunch
Honey Roasted Chipotle Spiced Peanuts are Virginia Peanuts roasted with pure honey and a smoky chipotle spice blend. Smoky Chipotle Peanut Crunch sends Peanut Crunch south of the border! These bite size blocks are still covered with a light syrup, but then seasoned with sweet and smoky Chipotle spices.

We still have old spicy favorites like New Orleans Virginia Peanuts seasoned with a spice blend from the New Orleans School of Cooking and Hot Southern Virginia Peanuts temptingly seasoned with Jalapeno, onion, and garlic.

Caramel Apple Peanuts
If you want a new taste this fall that is not hot, but sweet, we have that too. Honey Roasted Caramel Apple Spiced Peanuts will have you thinking about caramel apples when you taste these Virginia Peanuts roasted with pure honey and coated in an apple pie spice blend. Or try Honey Roasted Sea Salted Caramel Peanuts. Sweet and salty! An amazing blend of smooth caramel and crunchy sea salt generously coat honey roasted Virginia Peanuts.

Try some new nuts today and enjoy some old favorites!

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