Sunday, August 19, 2012

Homemade Blue Crab Bay Seafood Appetizers

Triple Dip

According to the Feb/Mar issue of Fancy Food and Culinary Products, cheese balls and dip mixes have created their own role in the food industry. Blue Crab Bay markets its cheese balls and dip mixes as being particularly all inclusive. All customers need to add is a dairy base for an outstanding dip or cheese ball with bold flavor. Ease of use is something that is important to customers and these mixes give that restaurant quality taste with items you have on hand. The company’s dip kits make wonderful gifts.

We sell Blue Crab Bay Crab Cheese Ball Kit and Crab, Clam and Shrimp Seafood Dip Kits.
The Clam Dip Kit contains chopped clams and salt free Clam Dip Blend.  Blue Crab Bay Clam Dip Kit was a favorite item as seen on Rachael Ray. The Shrimp Dip Kit contains a tin of Tiny Wild Cocktail Shrimp and a packet of our Shrimp Dip Blend. Only mayonnaise and cream cheese are required. The Crab Dip Kit contains premium crabmeat with Blue Crab Bay's own Crab Dip Blend and a recipe for "Company Crab Dip". Only cream cheese and sour cream are required.
Virginia Gourmet Treasures
We sell the seafood dip kits on their own, in a trio called The Triple Dip and in our Virginia Gift Baskets and Virginia Seafood Gift Baskets and Virginia Gift Boxes.
Virginia Brunch Selections Gift Box
Blue Crab Bay Crab Dip Kit is featured in our Virginia Brunch Selections gift box. 
We feature four Blue Crab Bay Seafood Soups with the three Blue Crab Bay Seafood Dips in a gift box that is perfect for a seafood lover or a hostess gift.  

We feature Blue Crab Bay’s Crab Cheese Ball Kit in several baskets, Virginia Gourmet Treasures is one of our favorites.  and the Clam Dip Kit in Gourmet Treasures of Virginia. 

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