Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May is National Barbecue Month

National Barbecue Month is the time to talk about our barbecue sauces.

Montebello Kitchens Virginia Barbecue Sauce is made with seasoned tomatoes, onions, red chilies, house spices and apple butter. Regionally grown apples are used to create their apple butter that sweetens this delightful sauce. It is made with all natural and organic ingredients by hand in small batches. Can be found in many of our gift baskets.

New to our gift baskets is Pork Barrel BBQ Sweet BBQ Sauce, an award winning sauce developed by two Senate staffers working late into the night. Pork Barrel BBQ is a national award winning BBQ sauce and rub company who competes on the professional barbecue circuit and has a restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia. Sweet Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce is an exceptional way to give your food tasty, sweet flavor with a perfect smokin' kick! All natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or MSG.

We also have BBQ sauces from Virginia Gentlemen and from Smithfield, James River Barbecue Sauce and Bone Doctor’s. Virginia Gentlemen’s award-winning sauces with the traditional hunt scene labels are anything-but-traditional when it comes to the taste sensation you'll experience. They are flavored with Virginia Gentleman 90® Small Batch Bourbon, the perfect complement to all your favorite pork recipes. They come in a three bottle variety pack: Bourbon Maple, Bourbon Teriyaki and Bourbon Chipotle.

Bone Doctor’s barbecue sauces are handcrafted by orthopedic surgeons! They are from family recipes, created with surgical precision by two Bone Doctors over years of weekend barbecues. Try both the Original tomato based and Carolina Bold zesty vinegar based sauces.

Smithfield’s ever-favorite original James River Barbeque Sauce is unchanged since the 1950s. Smithfield, VA., is one of America's oldest and largest meat processing centers. What better place to find perfect BBQ sauces developed by the meat experts. This is a wonderful all-purpose sauce but especially as a condiment for pork.

In addition to Barbecue Sauces for National Barbecue Month try some North Carolina Style Pork Barbecue. Hickory smoked and cooked with plenty of zesty vinegar and seasonings. Nothing to hide the smoky flavor of this tender pulled pork barbecue, made locally Carolina style. 5 lb. tub.

Another option is Smithfield’s new improved BBQ Pork Ribs, unsurpassed for pure tenderness and flavor. Fully cooked in their special sauce. 

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