Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chincoteague Vegetable Red Crab Soup – An Easter and Spring Favorite

Vegetable Red Crab Soup is the perfect starter for your Easter meal, an elegant alternative to cream based soups. The soup is a colorful combination of juicy crab meat, a kaleidoscope of fresh vegetables and a generous splash of seasonings. Not condensed, just heat and serve. Check out some ways we sell it: In a set of three 15 oz. tins, enough for a party of 12. For a thoughtful hostess gift, our Spring Favorites! gift basket includes several soups including Vegetable Red Crab as well as other gourmet tasty treats. Another thoughtful hostess gift is a Seafood Soups and Dips gift box. We have two varieties that include vegetable Red Crab Soup.

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