Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recipes for Entertaining With Virginia Country Ham Slices

Here are some ideas for entertaining with Virginia Genuine Smithfield or Country Ham Slices just in time for Super Bowl:
Fruit Picks: Wap thin ham slices around melon balls, fresh figs, or pear slices. Serve with picks.
Honey Blues: Spread softened Blue Cheese on baguette slices, top with ham slices, and drizzle with honey.
Party Rolls: Mix softened butter with brown sugar, Dijon mustard, ground cinnamon and ground cloves to taste. Spread on tiny yeast rolls and stuff with thinly sliced ham. Wrap in foil and heat until warm.
Country Ham & Sweet Potato Crescents: Add a spoonful of cooked sweet potato and a slice of country ham to a flat refrigerated crescent and roll before rolling into shape. Lightly sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar before baking.
Chicken Smithfield: Stuff boneless butterflied chicken breasts with ham slices and white cheese. Sprinkle with olive oil and chopped herbs, wrap with bacon and bake.
Caesar Salad Smithfield-Style: Just add strips of thinly sliced country ham to a savory Caesar Salad

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