Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maple Tappin" At Wintergreen, Virginia

When you think of maple syrup, you usually think of Canada and Vermont. We recently did a blog about the Highland Maple Festival in Monterey, Virginia. A lot of people don't know we have Sugar Maples this far south.

The high elevation at Wintergreen in Nelson County gave some folks at the Wintergreen Nature Foundation the idea to tap the maples and make maple syrup there. The Wintergreen Nature Foundation tapped the maples from Feb. 25 for 13 days until March 10. They got 30 gallons of sap out of 6 taps which they boiled down for 8 hours into about a pint of syrup. It turned out thinner than store bought, but tasty.

The Wintergreen Nature Foundation took a group to see the taps while the sap boiled down. Everyone got to enjoy the syrup on a pancake meal. They hope to do the maple syrup making again next year.

The Wintergreen Nature Foundation isn't selling their syrup, but we sell Puffenbarger's Maple Syrup from Monterey, Virginia in our Virginia Gourmet Gift Baskets and soon in Virginia Gourmet Gift Boxes.

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