Sunday, January 24, 2010

We're Back to Blogging

We want want to wish all our customers a Happy New Year and thank you for helping us have a successful holiday season. Thanks for your support of Virginia products! Now back to blogging. There will be many new gift baskets in the holiday and regular section of the VA Marketplace gift baskets this year. So far we've added Virginia Gourmet Treasures!, two versions of Let It Snow!, one with Blue Crab Bay Stingray Bloody Mary Mixer!, Winter at the Beach! and From the Heart! 5 new baskets that premiered this January. Click here to see all our gift baskets and stay tuned for more basket additions.

The Super Bowl is coming soon. Celebrate an American tradition withVirginia foods. What does Virginia have to offer in foods? Peanuts and the Super Bowl are a must...we have salted, unsalted, seasoned, sweet and chocolate. Appetizers and the Super Bowl are another must have...try Blue Crab Bay Seafood (crab, shrimp, and clam) dips or Ham and Cheddar together is a crowd pleaser. Crab Balls are an easy pick up food.

What party would be complete without dessert? Rowena's Double Treat has enough cake and curds for a large crowd or try her Baby Bundt sampler with small cakes that are easy to pick up. Try some brownies from Silverland Brownies...who doesn't love gooey pick up food. These and lots more ideas are in our Super Bowl Snacks section, so celebrate the Super Bowl with Virginia foods.

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