Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May is National Barbecue Month

People's love affair with outdoor cooking heats up in May during National Barbecue Month and the beginning of the prime outdoor cooking season. Having fun with family and friends is what grilling is all about. What sparks the mood for outdoor cooking? For some people it is the desire to be outside, for others it is cooking outdoors and for some, it is just the smell of delicious outdoor cooked food that gets their juices flowing. Whether spur of the moment or planned ahead we love to eat and barbecue outdoors.

Barbecue is a true American original with its roots in the South. Many different types have emerged, Eastern and Western, North Carolina, Memphis, Texas and Kansas City. Yes, the definition of barbecue twisted over the years. Grilling is cooking directly over flames and cooking meat. There is a distinct difference between grillilng and barbecuing, however. Grilling is done over the direct heat of a fire. The object is to sear the outside and concentrate the juices on the inside. The grilled flavor is caused by the searing, or browning of the outside of the food. The process is similar to that which forms the brown crust on a loaf of baked bread. Grilling is a healthful method of cooking because additional oils or fats are seldom used, and as the food cooks the fat renders out and drips through the cooking grate.

Barbecue on the other hand is the process of cooking meat, most of the time a large cut of tough meat cooked by the smoke on a hardwood fire at low temperature (210 degrees or less) for a long peroid of time, with doneness determined by the meat's tenderness. As for the stuff cooked ing the oven, or the crock pot, soaking in BBQ sauce, it is just plain old baked or stewed meat.

Let's leave all the debate aside and enjoy the month of May celebration. Here is what we offer to help celebrate the month with Barbecue and Grilling:

Southern Pork Barbecue - Made in Smithfield kitchens from the finest tender cuts, pulled pork is blended with a unique red barbecue sauce to create a zesty, versatile entree that can be served on a bun, over pasta or rice or all alone.

Carolina Style Barbecue - Smthfield's classic pit cooked "Carolina Style" select barbecue made with a vinegar sauce and a bit of "southern heat."

Chicken BBQ - Smithfield Barbecue made from fresh young fryer meat, hand-pulled from the bone and blended with their own delicious "made from scratch" grill sauce. 95% fat free it can be served hot on a bun or as an entree over rice or pasta.

Southwest Peppercorn Tenderloin - seasoned and rubbed with Southwest Peppercorn spices. After soaking the plank in water, just cook the tenderloin on the grill on the handy wooden plank and you're ready to serve and eat!

There are the sauces to put on the BBQ or grill with:

James River Barbecue Basting Sauce - Smithfield, VA is one of America's oldest and largest meat processing centers. What better place to find the perfect BBQ sauces developed by the meat experts. Their ever-favorite original "James River" barbecue sauce is unchanged since the 1950s. This is a wonderful all purpose sauce but especially as a condiment for pork.

Virginia Gentlemen Sauce Sampler - Bourbon Maple, Bo9urbon Teriyaki, and Bourbon Chipotle. These award-winning sauces with the traditional hunt scene labels are anything-but-traditional when it comes to the taste sensation you'll experience. Flavored with Virginia Gentlemen 90 Small Batch Bourbon, the perfect compliment to all your favorite pork recipes.

We even have a gift basket to celebrate the month and into the summer:Barbecue Time! It includes Virginia Gentlemen Bourbon Steak Sauce, La Provencale Cellars Apple Grilling Glaze, Jefferson Monticello Sparkling Apple Cider, The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Hot! Southern Nuts, Blue Crab Bay Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mixer and Blue Crab Bay Crab Dip Kit.

We hope that you enjoy BBQ Month in whatever way you want.

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